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Yukue Shirezu 

They bill themselves as 'Japanese Blues Punk' but they will transcend that definition and have your jaw dropping in the first minute of play. One could not ask for a band with a finer sense of composition, musicianship and cool stage presence. Virtually out-of-control while delivering flawless performances of genuine and original songs, friendly to the ear and free of clutter or contrivance.

Masaki Toyama's mellow rythm guitar and chain-smoked vocals are bedecked with a solid Rock Bass and Hyperactive Electric Guitar Lead and a Peter Gunn in Ska-ville Trumpet, Trombone and Saxophone horn section. 

YSR is one of the hardest working bands I know of in Japan.  They manage to have a few gigs a week, I believe they had 15 shows in  January 2001, when we produced the Bill Furry Presents show in Hatsudai for Afghan Refugee Relief, where they also played.  If you know about the Japanese 'Noruma' system of having bands cover the club fees themselves and having to knock out tickets to cover it, you know that a band that can beat this system with a solid reputation and loyal fan base is the exception to the norm. But the quality of the music and the musician's spirits make this feat seem effortless. Play they do, every other night it seems, and they've just finished a Japanese national tour.



Yukue Shirezu Are:

Masaki Toyama
vocal & guitar
Naruhisa Ikeda
Takako Miyazaki
Yutaro Maeda

Naoya Ohta

Kunihito Ishida


for more information visit their their Japanese language homepage at