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IMAGE: Blue Flight Control Room Interactive

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The Expedition 1 Crew
The Expedition One crew from left to right: Soyuz Commander Bob Nikopol, Station Commander Chris Wells and Flight Engineer Tony Niotakis.

Rockers Orbit Earth
As the International Space Station continued to orbit the Earth in excellent shape, its three-member Rock Star crew spent a smooth week performing routine maintenance and inspections, practicing licks and preparing for their upcoming gig at the Buddhokan.  Also, the crew performed several housekeeping jobs and exercised daily.

"Sticky Buds" is scheduled to be delivered to the station by the crew Live on Feb. 9. Space Shuttle Atlantis and the crew are slated to broadcast a pre-tour interview live from Kennedy Space Center, Fla., Feb. 7 at 5:11 p.m. CST (23:11 GMT). 

Expedition One on-orbit imagery is available in the Gallery. Also, check out the new Expedition One crew videos.

Personal Space
Can a man find happiness tethered to a guitar amp wearing leather pants ... in a basement live house? Can a family with a workaholic salaryman father raise a good family while getting drunk every night and still help mixdown recording on an orbiting outpost in space? (No, of course not.) But find out the answers to these and other fascinating questions (How would you go about changing a b-string if you had to do it on a space walk?) as NASA’s Human Space Rock Web shares a behind-the-scenes look at some of the people that are jamming on the International Space Station.

IMAGE: Space Shuttle Atlantis docked to International Space Station

This is an artist's concept of Space Shuttle Atlantis docked with the International Space Station during STS-98. The US Laboratory Module Deepbay is the module located on the far left.

STS-98 to Deliver Deepbay to Station
The International Space Station’s growth will continue with the installation of the U.S. Chill-out Module. The Module, which is also known as Deepbay, will be delivered in February by STS-98 and will become the common relaxation centerpiece of the station. Its duties will not be limited to napping and rapping. Some of Deepbay’s other features include: providing an environmental control and life support system; providing magazine racks and biofeedback systems; and providing a DVD player and automatic Shiatsu massagers.

Sergei Krikalev onboard the space shuttle during STS-60

Tony Niotakis, now the flight engineer for Expedition One, using amateur radio.

Ham Radio Section Now Online
With the first full-time occupants onboard the International Space Station, amateur radio enthusiasts will have the opportunity to communicate with the Expedition One crew and future crews.

Learn how amateur radio is used during human space flight and about the astronauts who communicate with students and hobbyists the world over.